For Business

Specially designed for the auto service industry.

Service centres, collision repair centres, car dealerships, fleet management


Save time

LensBoost is the only headlight restoration solution that does not require sanding the headlight lenses. By eliminating this process, LensBoost takes approximately two minutes to apply and under 10-15 minutes to dry: freeing up valuable time to work on other tasks.

Lower operating costs

LensBoost is the most affordable headlight restoration solution on the market. Lower your material and labour costs by over 50% when using LensBoost for your business.


Developed with safety in mind, LensBoost is non-flammable, non-toxic, contains no silicone, and is low-VOC.

Available Packs

LensBoost is available in a Shop Pack (10 wipes) and a Counter Display (20 wipes).

Counter Display

Contains 20 wipes

Each wipe restores 1 car (2 lenses)

Sell individual wipes to walk-ins.

Shop Pack

Contains 10 wipes

Restores 10 cars​ / 20 lenses


For service centres, car dealerships, collision repair centres, fleet management and more.

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