Restoring your headlights just got easier.

Introducing our new One Step Headlight Restoration Spray. Simply spray on and watch your headlights instantly regain their clarity!

One Step Headlight Restoration Spray

Product Description

Detour Auto® One Step Headlight Restoration Spray instantly restores oxidized headlights without the fuss. Simply spray on and watch your headlights regain their clarity!

  • No Sanding Required: Saves time and eliminates mess

  • Effortless Application: Just spray and let dry

  • Long-Lasting: Stays clear for up to 1 year

  • Paint Safe: Will not damage painted surfaces or trim

  • Silicone-Free: Body-shop friendly

Available Sizes

3 oz / 85 g

10 oz / 283 g - Multi-Vehicle Use

How to Use

1) Ensure headlights are clean, dry and free of wax. Open hood and mask around headlights to prevent overspray on paint or trim.

Shake can for 2 minutes.

2) HOLD CAN 8 INCHES AWAY. Evenly spray the entire headlight surface in a grid pattern (side-to-side then up/down).

3) WAIT 2-3 MINUTES, then repeat STEP 2.

4) Repeat STEPS 2 & 3 for second headlight.

DONE: Allow to dry. 

Dry to touch in approx. 20 minutes. Allow to cure for 2 hours before exposing to water.

Product Downloads

Click here to view this product's instruction manual, info sheet or SDS.


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