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One-Step Headlight Restoration Spray

  • Product Description

    Detour Auto's One-Step Headlight Restoration Spray uses SmartClear™ Technology to instantly restore oxidized headlights without the fuss. Simply spray on and watch your headlights regain their clarity!


    NO SANDING REQUIRED: Saves time, eliminates mess


    EFFORTLESS APPLICATION: Just spray and let dry


    LONG-LASTING: Stays clear for up to 1 year


    PAINT SAFE: Will not damage painted surfaces or trim


    SILICONE-FREE: Body-shop friendly


    Watch our quick demo video here!

  • With SmartClear™ Technology

    Our proprietary spray formula is scientifically designed to eliminate oxidation, while simultaneously protecting the lens from future UV damage and discolouration -- the first of its kind.


    Learn more about SmartClear here.

  • How to Use

    Important! Please read carefully before use.


    - Use only when humidity is below 70% and temperature is between 10°C-37°C (50°F-99°F). 
    - Avoid spraying in breezy or dusty conditions. 
    - For best results, park your car in a cool, sheltered area.


    1) Ensure headlights are clean, dry and free of wax. Open hood and mask around headlights to prevent overspray on paint or trim.

    Shake can for 2 minutes.

    2) HOLD CAN 8 INCHES AWAY. Evenly spray the entire headlight surface in a grid pattern (side-to-side then up/down).

    3) WAIT 2-3 MINUTES, then repeat STEP 2.

    4) Repeat STEPS 2 & 3 for second headlight.


    DONE: Allow to dry. 

    Dry to touch in approx. 20 minutes. Allow to cure for 2 hours before exposing to water.


    Click here to read about our Best Practices when using this product.