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Clear Technology Detour Auto

A Detour Auto Innovation.

Introducing SmartClear™ Technology

Four years in the making, SmartClear Technology was scientifically designed to eliminate oxidation, while simultaneously protecting headlight lenses from future UV damage and discolouration.

SmartClear is exclusively available in Detour Auto's One-Step™ Headlight Restoration Sprays (DTR241 & DTR265)

You spray, we'll do the rest

SmartClear makes restoring headlights easier than ever by performing both the restoration and protection process in one easy step -- the first of its kind.

Rapid Drying Times

To shorten downtime after application, SmartClear's proprietary formula is dry to the touch in under 20 minutes.



Skip the hassle with Detour Auto's One-Step™ Headlight Restoration Spray, a revolutionary new way to restore oxidized headlights in just minutes.

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